Justin Starkey
Traditional Artist

Justin Starkey

Chillicothe, OH

Hello! My name is Justin Starkey, and my life has always been full of creativity. I grew up drawing from early childhood into my younger adult life. Many adventures and people were met along the way, and it wasn't until my early 30's before I decided to really take the plunge into a career in art and design. Now at the age of 40, after building from experience with all different kinds of creative media (pastels, ink, graphite, acrylic, watercolor, digital, etc.) I'm settled mostly into impressionistic painting, but I also love freehand drawing with pen and ink.

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With more local shows on the horizon, a newly acquired home studio space, and plenty of support from my wife and friends, I'm looking to make a brighter future for myself and my supporters.

Anyway, take a look around my gallery, and enjoy!

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