Jeffry R. B.


JR Bogguess is an artist whose works range from industrial photography and cityscapes to abstract art. His portfolio includes landscapes, architecture, African culture, floral, oils, photographs, watercolors and graphic depictions. Initially, Bogguess was self-taught, but later received formal education in photography, film and graphic design at the University of Illinois, graduating with a Master's of Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Bogguess' photographs have a wide range of appeal, from the sprightly colored subject matter to the vivid detail, making them perfect for any decor. His works have been showcased in exhibitions sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago Campus, the Jesse Brown Veterans Administration, the Capture My Chicago Photography Organization and the Chicago South Shore Country Club.

Bogguess is also actively involved in the health industry, creating graphic designs, merchandising and aiding in promotions to help spread awareness and fundraise for causes such as Autism, Cancer, Covid 19 and Diabetes. His pieces are sure to make a statement in any home or office, and his prints can be found among his collections.

For art that captures a unique composition, color, flare and history, Bogguess' collection is the perfect choice. Decorate your home or office with the perfect conversation piece, and support an incredible artist. Purchase Bogguess prints today and bring life and personality to your space.

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