J.D. Poplin

Jpoplin Art
Wellston, OK

J. Poplin is a talented artist recognized for his unique and custom digital artworks. He is the Vice President of the Red Dirt Art Gallery, and his portfolio consists of a wide range of high-quality artworks in multiple genres, ranging from abstract to surrealism.

Growing up in Osage County, Oklahoma, Poplin was inspired by the Native American artwork, bead work, and designs he was surrounded by, and his love for bright colors and shapes is evident in the artwork he creates today. Poplin’s digital artwork is characterized by vivid colors, shapes, and designs that showcase precision definition using modern technologies.

An art lover since early childhood, Poplin has been creating for as long as he can remember. His imagination and passion for creativity can be seen in the artwork he produces. His artworks are perfect for decorating homes and offices, and for giving as gifts. To purchase prints of Poplin’s artwork, contact the Red Dirt Art Gallery.

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