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The visual and realism artist, Manny Bautista, has been painting and taking photographs as entertainment and as a messenger since he was in the first grade. Manny does extensive research before he begins a painting, using books, online sources and onsite visits to capture the true specifics and details of every object. As he brings brush strokes to canvas his imagination runs wild to romanticize the scene for his viewers. Manny strives to challenge himself with each painting, making it his own and speaking to his audience to deliver a positive message.

Manny was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1964. After studying Fine Arts in Makati City, he migrated to San Jose, California in 1983 to continue his studies. In 1991 he was fortunate to study with Eduardo Garcia, University of the Philippines graduate in Fine Arts who was living in America as a Professional Artist. His lessons with Eduardo further enhanced his knowledge of Fine Arts and inspired him to become a Professional Artist.

Manny finds inspiration in the works of Tabora and Eduardo, but most of all in God's creations. He loves the sky, land, sea, and creatures in the ocean, and enjoys transferring the romance and beauty of what he sees to canvas. His goal is to capture the beauty of our Creator and share it with others.

Manny Bautista's stunning photography and paintings capture beautiful and romantic scenes from nature and bring a sense of awe and inspiration to any home or office. His work is a reminder to take care and enjoy the world around us. View his work and purchase prints for your home and office today!

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