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Jojo Candelario

Artist Statement:

As a visual and realism artist, a painting and photography is entertainment and it’s also a messenger. I paint what I see, and I work hard with every composition. My paintings speak to me and to others about the existing beauty of our organic world. Before I begin a painting, I do my research using books, online sources, and onsite visits when possible. I find it useful to take many digital photos to use as references. I then begin to recreate the scenes with the true specifics and details of every object. As my brush starts to smear the paint on the canvas, my hand starts to go with the flow of my brush strokes and my imagination runs wild filling in all the gaps, and voids. I strive to romanticize the scene and make it enjoyable for everyone who will be viewing the finished product.

I always challenge myself and try not to be a slave to my references. I make each painting my own...every single one. It feels good every time I receive Wow’s from my audience...which inspires me to paint even more beautiful and happy paintings!

My goal is to have my audience feel inspired and have positive feelings after viewing my artwork. I try with every finished painting to speak to my audience and get across the message.

a brief biography:

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1964 and my lifelong love of drawing and painting began in the first grade. As a young man I studied Fine Arts in Makati City, Philippines. In 1983 I migrated to San Jose, CA and continued my study of Fine Arts. In 1991 I was privileged to study with Eduardo Garcia, a University of the Philippines graduate in Fine Arts who was living in America as a Professional Artist. My lessons with Eduardo greatly enhanced my knowledge in Fine Arts and inspired me to become a Professional Artist. I find inspiration in the works of Tabora (a Fil-Am Hawaiian seascape artist) and Eduardo, but most of all I am inspired by God’s creations. I love all living things on earth. The sky, the land, the sea, and under the sea are all favorite subjects, especially marine life. I love to relax sitting on the beach and watch the changing colors throughout the day. I see waves hitting rocks, sea foam running on the sandy beach, the living creatures…and I love to transfer the romance and beauty of what I see to canvas. My goal is to capture on canvas the beautiful gift of our Creator…to share and remind us all to take care and enjoy it while we can!

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