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Jojo Candelario

Jojo Candelario is an internationally acclaimed visual and realism artist. Born in 1964 in Quezon City, Philippines, his lifelong love of drawing and painting began in the first grade. In 1983, Jojo migrated to San Jose, CA and continued his studies in Fine Arts. In 1991, he was blessed to study with Eduardo Garcia, a graduate of the University of the Philippines and Professional Artist living in America. Jojo credits Eduardo with greatly enhancing his knowledge in Fine Arts and inspiring him to become a Professional Artist.

Jojo Candelario's art speaks to him and to others about the existing beauty of our organic world. He does extensive research before beginning a painting, using books, online sources, and onsite visits when possible. His photographs and digital images serve as references when he begins to recreate the scenes with the true specifics and details of every object. Jojo strives to romanticize the scene and make it enjoyable for his viewers.

Jojo Candelario always challenges himself to make each painting his own and to not be a slave to his references. His goal is for his audience to feel inspired and have positive feelings after viewing his artwork. He seeks to capture the beauty of our Creator and to remind us to take care of and enjoy it while we can! Jojo's art has been featured in numerous solo and group art exhibitions, and his work has been highly regarded by art enthusiasts around the world.

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