Jodi E. Riverstone

J Riverstone Art
Port Angeles, WA

The Pacific Northwest of the United States is home to the self-taught artist. With acrylic paints as the primary medium, paintings are created that capture the essence of the subject in the moment. A deep connection to the natural world is the underlying inspiration for the work, hoping to evoke appreciation and wonderment for the precious earth, no matter where the viewer calls home.

The quick-dry nature of acrylic paints drives the artist to focus on the immediate moment, with their own style and flare, creating images that convey a sense of connection and belonging. Each piece is designed to bring a sense of joy and inspiration to the viewer.

For those looking for a piece of home, the artist's prints make the perfect addition to any space. Whether for a home or office, these prints provide a tangible reminder of a special place and a chance to experience the same sense of connection and appreciation for the natural world.

Take home a piece of the Pacific Northwest today. Shop the artist's prints and bring a little bit of nature into your home.

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