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John Kain Photography
San Antonio, TX

I am a retired Architectural Engineer specializing in energy conservation. So I am a very technical person and strived to do the best work I could. In architectural school I learned about color, shapes, and abstracts. In engineering school I learned about detail, technical attributes, and how things work. Both drew upon my artistic ability to see things in a different perspective. I have always been an artist and dabbled in pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor paintings. But after collage my work changed, as did my photography. I have been a photographer for 50+ years now and since I retired my passion has increased. However my life took a wicked turn.

While fighting cancer, I did not get out much to do my photography so I decided I would spend time learning post processing using the many different applications. So I became a digital artist by working on old digitally scanned film photographs. Digital art via photographic post processing gives photographs a more artistic look. I still dabble of course but I spend more time in Photoshop than at my easel. My work includes Fine Art, Travel, Commercial, and Graphic Design. I capture thousands of photographs a year but only a few are good enough to create something special and share.

Surviving cancer opens your eyes to how much life has to offer. I want to share the things I see and by using a camera, I can share those images through my work. You see, photography is a way to stop a moment in time and share it with the world.

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