John Kain

John Kain Photography
San Antonio, TX

John Kain is a retired Architectural Engineer who specialized in energy conservation. His career drew upon his artistic ability to see things in a different perspective, a skill he had honed in architectural school where he learned about color, shapes and abstracts and engineering school where he learned about detail, technical attributes and how things work. Throughout his career Kain had an artistic passion, dabbling in pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor painting before transitioning to photography, where he has been an avid photographer for over 50 years.

In recent years Kain's passion for photography was reignited. After fighting a battle with cancer, Kain was unable to go out and take photos, so he turned to digital art, post-processing using different applications. This gave his photographs a more artistic look, and he now spends more time in Photoshop than at his easel. Kain's work includes Fine Art, Travel, Commercial and Graphic Design.

Kain's fight with cancer opened his eyes to the beauty that life has to offer. He uses his camera to capture the moment and share it with the world. Kain's photos are available for purchase - bringing a piece of his art to your home or office to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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