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Jeffrey H. Newton

I am a very recent retiree from Colorado, transplanted to Texas Hill Country. I first learned darkroom work at 10 as an Army brat, and dabbled in photography off and on throughout my life, but never truly committed to it until 2016. I worked with night vision imaging, medical imaging and CCTV in the tech world much of my working career, which gave me a significant amount of technical insight on images and imaging, now I am learning to be an artist. I am blessed that I can do what I love and finally pursue my passion in art and photography. My primary workflow is all through Adobe Lightroom, and whenever possible all adjustments and processing take place in Lightroom. Higher level image editing for distracting elements are exported to Photoshop and returned to Lightroom. As I become more conversant with numerous creative and powerful filters and plug-ins for both Photoshop and Lightroom, some editing and filtering are performed with Google Nik and Topaz applications. Some of my more recent images that previously were "not quite ready for prime time" have become more eye catching, stylized images and wall art, given the influence of those plug-ins.

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