Jeska Losonsky

Jeska is a fine artist and jewelry designer currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. She has been passionate about the visual arts since she was a child, and her creativity was strongly encouraged by her family. She studied fine art and art education, learning how to use various mediums and explore different subjects. Her love of watercolor has become the foundation of her artistic career.

In 2015, Jeska began her professional career as an artist, honing her own style over the following few years. In January 2020, her family grew with the addition of her first child. Now, Jeska creates both large-scale botanical watercolor paintings and fine art jewelry pieces. Her art is inspired by nature, color, and expression.

Jeska's work is an eclectic mix of art and jewelry that will bring a unique touch to any home, office, or gallery. It is a perfect way to add a splash of color and a reminder of the beauty of nature. Prints of Jeska's work are available for purchase, making it easy to bring her unique style into any space.

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