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Jeska Losonsky

I’m Jeska, a fine artist and jewelry designer currently residing in Chicago, Illinois.

I have been drawn to the visual arts for as long as I can remember. As a child, my creativity was encouraged alongside time spent outdoors. It only makes sense that I would eventually set my sights on a career as an artist obsessed with nature. Therefore I studied fine art and art eduction in college and relished the opportunity to explore various mediums and subjects before ultimately relying heavily on my love of watercolor throughout my artistic journey.

After completing my degrees and briefly teaching elementary and high school art, I moved to Chicago with my now husband. In 2015 I began my professional career as an artist and spent the following few years developing my own style. In January of 2020 we grew our little family with the addition of our baby boy. Thus my journey as a mother began.

Presently, my art career consists of both painting and jewelry design. I create large-scale botanical watercolor paintings as well as fine art painted earrings and gemstone rings. It’s a slightly eclectic mix that is all rooted in nature, color and expression.

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