Jennifer Weiss

New York, NY

The creative work of this artist reflects the theoretical reflections of the world around them. Their forms of art are unique and often repetitive, dancing with color, balance, rhythm, and personality. Each piece is developed without a prior concept in mind, instead the artist’s mind instructs their hand to bring the work to life. Bold shapes and colors are used to create flowing forms with energy and movement. There is an underlying sense of spirit within their work, and sometimes it is premeditated through drawings. This artist is a colorist, and their work reflects the extravagant use of color that ranges in intensity from high to low. There is an internal discipline to the colors and forms used in their artwork, creating a sense of harmony.

The artist's powerful purpose in life is to expose their creativity to the world. Viewers can appreciate their artwork through prints, which are perfect for enhancing home and office decor. To experience the beauty of this artist's creativity for yourself, purchase their prints today.

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