Jeanine Clark

Who is Jeanine Clark? Take a moment to get to know the artist through her art. As you view her work, you will discover Jeanine Clark as an artist, teacher, and designer. She explores the world and the people around her with a variety of art styles and mediums. Her pieces range from serious and brooding to joyful and whimsical, but each piece is brimming with emotion and generally stems from her own photography and experiences.

Rather than creating art for an audience, Jeanine is committed to exploring and sharing her life experiences and connections in a way that communicates her perceptions of the moment. Portraits are not just portraits, but are intended to capture the heart of the subject in a moment in time, a giggle, a shared secret, a deep sadness, a longing, or a silly expression that belies a joyful personality. Commission pieces require time spent and stories shared about the subject. Jeanine has recently done a number of heartfelt memorial artworks to preserve the memories of a loved one. Jeanine cares deeply for others and expresses that through her thoughtful representation of her portrait subjects.

Mrs. Clark is also a backyard biophile and you will find artworks based on plants from her home as well as the surrounding and lush Pacific Northwest or travels in the US and abroad. During the Pandemic, she created joyful postcards out of recycled cardboard and acrylic paint, illustrating the flora and fauna around her home and mailed them to friends for encouragement during a difficult time when people especially suffered from loneliness and depression while they were quarantined in their homes.

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