J Barry Gooch

Jon Barry Gooch

St. Helena Island, SC

Born and raised in the South Carolina low country, Barry spent his youth outdoors as much as possible. Surfing, swimming, fishing, exploring the cypress swamps, the rivers, and the estuarine marshes of coastal South Carolina were pastimes that became his passions. Consequently, it was no surprise when he picked up a camera at an early age and began documenting his area of South Carolina. As Barry’s travels expanded he was introduced to different environments, diverse ecosystems, and unfamiliar cultures; as always, his camera accompanied him. He specialized in capturing images of unique, but unnoticed fascinating displays and vistas. Having a deep respect for local heritage and cultures, pushed Barry to seek out and capture images of disappearing mementos of days past. His “Americana” photos appear frequently in his collections. “I have no formal art or photographic training, just my eyes, a love of my subjects, my imagination, and a camera to record what I see. I attempt to incorporate these elements into my photography, and what I offer are my interpretations of something or some place that affected me in some way.” Barry’s photos have been published in two hardback wildlife books, in annual reports and publications of several governmental and conservation organizations, on the websites of both the South Carolina and Georgia Departments of Natural Resources, in the SC Wildlife magazine and on several other websites.

Barry’s time is currently split between Lake Wateree and Fripp Island, SC.

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