Jay Lewis Morgan

Jay Lewis Morgan, a self-taught artist hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, explores a multitude of mediums and techniques to bring his creativity to life. With a preference for oil paint, acrylics, and charcoal, Jay has recently delved into new techniques that have expanded the possibilities of his artwork to endless horizons.

Drawing from a young age, Jay was always encouraged to keep his pencil at hand in case inspiration struck. This led to a deep-rooted passion for creating art that continues to drive him today. His furry studio assistant, TJ, a 4-year-old Black Mouth Cur rescued from a shelter, serves as a playful reminder for Jay to take breaks and stretch his legs during long hours spent on a piece.

As you explore Jay's latest creations, you'll notice his boundless inspiration from the world and people around him, reminiscent of a young boy captivated by his surroundings. With subjects as varied as the world itself, Jay's artwork reflects his ever-evolving perspective on life and artistry.

Bring a piece of Jay Lewis Morgan's unique vision into your home or office decor by purchasing his prints. Each piece is a testament to his passion for creativity and his ability to capture the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

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