Jay Lewis Morgan

Jay Lewis Morgan is a self-taught artist from Tampa Bay Florida. He uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create his art. Oil paint, acrylics and charcoal are the mediums of choice lately.

He recently discovered new techniques to use in his paintings and drawings which makes the possibilities of creating unique artwork endless.

Jay Lewis Morgan has been drawing from a very young age and was always encouraged to keep his pencil handy just in case he was inspired by the world around him. Which happened often.

Jay's studio assistant is a fur-pal doggie named TJ. A 4-year-old Black Mouth Cur he rescued from the shelter. He often "Reminds" Jay to get up, take a break and stretch his legs when he has spent too many hours on a piece.

As you view Jay's latest artwork you will notice that, just like a young boy, he's still inspired by the world and people around him; so his subjects are limitless.

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