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Anthony R. Cox ~ Artist

Anthony R. Cox

Anthony R. Cox
Largo, FL

Arts has be beautiful. Well, it does not have to be, but mine has to be beautiful. I have worked in computers, loving computer graphics, thank God we have digital cameras that are so good now. I digitally enhance most of the images, usually to enhance color and create a brushed oil painting effect.The true test of is how it looks and pleases the viewer, not how it was made. The wood stork, however, has a face that only a mother could love, but their faces have lots of character.

All of the photographs I am posting, were taken personally by me, using various cameras, usually a Nikon. I personally digitally enhanced them using various and multiple software applications for the desired creative effect. I love the oil painting look, but not everyone else does. So if you would like one without that effect, I have the originals to work from, let me know.


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