Jane Langley

Langley Fine Art
Rockledge, FL

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The artist is a representational oil painter who incorporates modern elements of line, shape, and form into their work. Drawing inspiration from serendipitous moments and personal experiences, they work meticulously in their studio to capture intricate details in their paintings. With a slow and deliberate approach reminiscent of Lucien Freud, the artist values observation, concentration, and reflection in their creative process.

A native New Englander now residing in the Florida Space Coast region, the artist has honed their craft through workshops, mentoring, and personal study. Their artistic journey took a significant turn when they simplified their palette to monochrome brown and white, inspired by the 12th Century Cistercian Monks' approach to art. This shift in technique brought clarity and solace to the artist during a poignant time in their life.

With prints on Hahnemuhle fine art paper that surpass the quality of the original works, the artist invites you to bring a piece of their unique creations into your home or office decor. Discover the depth and texture of their art, and let it enrich your space with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

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