Jane Langley

Langley Fine Art
Rockledge, FL

Jane Langley welcomes visitors to her gallery shop at Geo Galleries, where she creates custom, museum quality products using materials like Larson Juhl frames and Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Navigating the page is easy – simply click on a painting you like, wait for the images to load, and choose between various sizes of Fine Art Paper, framed & unframed, or Dibond Metal. All purchases through Geo Galleries come with a 30 day guarantee.

As a representational oil painter, Jane Langley experiments with modern elements of line, shape, and form, drawing inspiration from serendipitous moments and personal experiences. Known for the slowness of her work, she carefully observes and concentrates on capturing detail in her paintings. Originally from New England and now residing in the Florida Space Coast region, Jane acquired her artistic knowledge through workshops, mentoring, and personal study.

Jane Langley chose to use Hahnemuhle fine art paper for her prints due to its superior quality and unique surface texture. The prints on this paper look even better than the original works of art, making each print truly an original unto itself. Whether for restaurants, hotels, Airbnb's, or home decor, Jane Langley's prints are sure to enrich any space. Purchase her prints today for beautiful additions to your home or office decor.

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