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GeoGalleries provides excellent customer service, from order to delivery, using premium products in the industry, like Larson Juhl frames and Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Their customized framing allows me to keep the aspect ratios of each image true to the original. Every order comes with a 30 day guarantee. This is why I love Geo!


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I am a representational oil painter, who is experimenting with modern elements of line, shape, and form. My inspiration comes from serendipitous moments and personal experiences. I enjoy working in a studio where I have control of my workspace. I contemplate and reflect on my experiences as I use photographic references to plan a composition. Like the great artist, Lucien Freud, I too am known for the slowness of my work, observing, concentrating, and observing. When painting, I become engrossed with mixing the right shades of color and capturing the detail.


I am a native New Englander from Northshore Boston, who currently resides in the Florida Space Coast region. I acquired my artistic knowledge by attending workshops, mentoring, and personal study. A defining moment in my artistic approach happened when I was reading about 12th Century Cistercian Monks and the art they created. I felt a sincere connection, for a relative was working at a present-day Cistercian Monastery. Ages ago, this religious order prohibited the use of color in art, for it was considered the "forbidden fruit". They utilized the color brown. Old Masters used this technique as under paintings. When I simplified my pallet to brown and white, I was stunned by its dramatic effect!

Concurrently, I was working at Greenvale Vineyards in RI, and I thought about the correlation of the Monks of long ago to Vintners of today. Their disciplined lifestyle of manual labor and working in agriculture and the correlation of brown to the earth and farming. My focus on value painting caused me to reflect on my own fundamental beliefs and how it related to my life and my work. Painting with the simplified palette gave me solace and clarity during this poignant time in my life.

I love New England where I was born and raised. My favorites are the “wicked” good food, like fried clams and lobster. I especially enjoy visiting the coastal communities and local farms. Life is continually changing, and I look forward to new ideas and inspirations.

I am opening this shop to share my art with you and hope it enriches your life. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Hahnemühle, located in Dassel Germany has been making unique superior quality papers since it was founded in 1584. Their product is outstanding, made from specially manufactured natural wool felts that give their papers unique surface texture and incredible depth. When I first printed on Hahnemühle paper, I was astonished! My prints looked better than my original works of art! I believe each print is truly an original unto itself.


Restaurants, Hotels, Airbnb's, and Home.

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