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JSikes Art

The artist welcomes visitors to take a look around. In elementary school, they competed in a local Rodeo Art competition and earned a blue ribbon. This experience ignited a passion for art that led to a degree in graphic design. In recent years, the artist has returned to their art journey and has achieved success in local art league and SWAN day competitions.

The artist's portfolio features mixed media and pastel artwork. Animals, human figures and botanical elements are often a source of inspiration although the artist's emotions often dictate the direction of their artwork.

The artist has created a portfolio of prints that are perfect for home and office decor. From abstracts to landscapes, the artist's prints are an ideal way to add beauty and inspiration to any space.

Take a moment to explore the artist's portfolio and find a print that speaks to you. Invest in a piece of art that will bring joy and beauty to your home or office.

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