Jackie Davis

Juba Art,LLC
Desoto, TX

The self-taught artist, photographer, and graphic designer hails from Dallas, Texas, where their artistic journey began in their early teenage years with creating cartoons. Graduating high school sparked an interest in pursuing graphic design, leading them to take college courses in art and graphic design. This ignited a passion for combining both skills to create abstract portraits and figures, laying the foundation for their artistry. As they delved deeper into the world of art, they discovered new techniques and methods of creation, constantly evolving and expanding their repertoire.

Their work delves into the complexities of beauty, the impact of social and cultural issues, and the experiences of trauma and adversity stemming from their time working in the child welfare system. Their curiosity about others' trauma and perspectives fuels a desire to spark conversations and connections through their art. Using a variety of mediums such as acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, and digital platforms like Procreate and Adobe programs, they weave stories of pain and resilience through abstract words, vibrant colors, and overarching symbols. Each piece serves as a narrative, inviting the audience to engage not only visually but philosophically, encouraging fresh interpretations and thought-provoking discussions.

For those looking to bring a touch of depth and emotion into their home or office decor, prints of the artist's work are available for purchase. Each piece tells a story, offering a unique perspective on shared experiences and commonalities. By incorporating these evocative works into their space, individuals can invite contemplation and reflection, adding a layer of meaning and intrigue to their surroundings. Explore the artist's collection and find a piece that resonates with you, bringing a piece of their narrative into your own life.

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