Crystal Imani

Imani's Dream Collection LLC
Southfield, MI

Artist Crystal Imani Jennings draws inspiration from the 1970s and the outdoors to create stunning photographs that bring joy and peace to those who view them. She has been influenced by groundbreaking artists such as Andy Warhol, Paul Gauguin and Ansel Adams, using their techniques to create her own unique pieces. Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, her creative journey has led her to explore the healing arts and become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Crystal's collections feature one photograph in various color combinations, creating a diverse range of pieces that can instantly transform any space. Many of her works are the result of nature walks in her own backyard, and her signature high contrast colors and dynamic textures transport viewers to an ethereal garden.

With a mission to raise the human vibration, Crystal Jennings' photographs are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and psychedelic charm to any home or office. Viewers all over the world are captivated by her masterpieces, which offer beauty in everyday moments.

Discover the power of Crystal Jennings' photographic art by purchasing her prints today. Bring the vibrancy and serenity of nature into your home or office, and be transported to an ethereal garden with her signature high contrast colors and dynamic textures.

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