Helen Lesnick

Helen Lesnick Art
Carlsbad, CA

Helen Lesnick is a renowned artist and filmmaker who has spent most of her life on the East coast, mostly in New Jersey and New York. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Literature and Theatre Arts, and pursued an acting career in NYC, appearing in several off-Broadway productions and studying with the acclaimed acting teacher, Michael Howard. After leaving her acting career, she entered rabbinical studies in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, eventually living in Tel Aviv for 7 years before returning to acting and artwork.

Helen expresses a particular interest in the complexities and expressiveness of the human face, currently focusing on oversize portraits. Her work draws inspiration from Expressionism, with influences including Kirchner, Marc, Beckmann, and Kandinsky. She chooses colors based on light and shadow, and begins each portrait with the eyes to create an engaging feeling for the viewer.

Helen Lesnick's artwork is sure to add a unique touch to any home or office decor. Get your own piece of her vibrant and engaging artwork today.

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