Helen Lesnick

Helen Lesnick Art
Carlsbad, CA

Helen Lesnick, an artist and filmmaker currently residing in Carlsbad, California, has a deep connection to the human face and its expressiveness. Originally from the East coast, spending much of her life in New Jersey and New York, she graduated with a degree in Literature and Theatre Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Her journey led her to pursue an acting career in New York City, where she appeared in various off-Broadway productions and studied under the renowned acting teacher, Michael Howard. After a shift in focus, she delved into rabbinical studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, before spending seven years in Tel Aviv and eventually returning to her passion for acting and artwork.

Lesnick's artwork centers around oversize portraits, with a focus on the complexities of the human face. Drawing inspiration from Expressionist artists such as Kirchner, Marc, Beckmann, and Kandinsky, her color choices are based on light, shadow, and emotion. Beginning with the eyes in her preliminary sketches, she aims to deeply engage with her subjects as she works on their portraits, often choosing to have them look directly at the viewer to create a sense of direct connection and engagement. Her ultimate goal is to have the subject directly interact with those viewing her work.

For those looking to add a touch of emotion and expressiveness to their home or office decor, Helen Lesnick's oversized portraits offer a unique and captivating addition. With a focus on the human face and the complexities within, her artwork brings a sense of depth and connection to any space. Consider purchasing one of her prints to bring a piece of her emotive artistry into your surroundings.

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