Heather R. Delgado

Heather Delgado
Ridgway , CO

Heather, a native of Montrose, Colorado, now resides in Ridgway, Colorado. Her love for art has been apparent since childhood, as she would sketch on anything from school notes to her friends. Over the years, Heather has explored various forms of art such as fashion design, makeup artistry, and mixed media. She received education and training from Stratford Career Institute, Vizio Makeup Academy, and Milan Art Institute.

Heather's artwork serves as a way for her to share her vision of beauty with the world. Through her art, she seeks to convey her personal experiences of our planet, her passion for different cultures, and her love for animals, plants, and landscapes. Heather's artwork embodies elements of spirituality, fantasy, and romance, incorporating a mix of abstract and realism.

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