Grace Merritt Fine Art Photography

Grace Merritt

My interest in photography started early in life, beginning with Instamatic cameras, and later moving into SLR cameras and the black and white darkroom. I took my first photography class after graduating from college in 1993, and went on to study film photography as a resident at the Maine Photographic Workshops. I also studied digital photography at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.

I draw inspiration for my photography from my love of nature and time spent in the landscapes of New England while growing up. I seek to create and use visual moods to render a unique interpretation of the beauty that I see in the natural world. Taking a photograph is only the beginning of my artistic process. Focusing mainly on landscapes and flowers for subjects, through experimentation I apply layers of textures and tones to my photographs in post-production, creating a collage effect that gives my work a painterly look. Through the use of digital photographs and varied digital applications, programs, and tools, I hope to create and share something for viewers to explore and enjoy.

The creative process has always been a pleasure for me, as well as a way to find resilience in times of adversity. I believe that making art, as well as viewing and appreciating it, allows time for reflection that can be beneficial to both the artist and the observer.


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