Gregory Johnston

Living in the picturesque north Idaho area, the artist is surrounded by countless photographic opportunities, ranging from wildlife and landscapes to agriculture and architecture. Simply by looking around, they are able to find inspiration and capture the beauty that surrounds them. Their photography style is a reflection of their life and character, aiming to convey a simple truth and inner beauty through their lens.

Described by their wife as revealing a straightforward and uncluttered truth, the artist's work captures the essence of life around them. Through their photos, they strive to uncover the simple truths within themselves, showcasing the beauty that may sometimes go unnoticed. With a career filled with exciting opportunities, they have been a part of photography teams covering events such as Ironman Triathlons, marathons, and various other activities in the region.

Their photos have been featured in calendars, books, magazines, banks, and other businesses, highlighting the universal appeal of their work. Each image tells a story and captures a moment in time, inviting viewers to reflect on the world around them. For those looking to bring a touch of nature and simplicity into their homes or offices, the artist's prints are the perfect choice for adding a unique and meaningful touch to any space.

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