Christopher Schloe

Chris and Lisa, a dynamic duo of traveling photographers, have a keen eye for capturing those fleeting moments of pure beauty. Each of their prints encapsulates a heart-stopping view or a truly stunning moment that will leave you breathless. Their work is a testament to their raw passion and purpose in life, and they hope to share that with you.

Their photography can be found gracing the walls of homes and offices, as well as adding a touch of craziness to various spaces. Custom orders are available to suit your creative needs, whether you're looking for a specific size or a different type of foundation for your print. Gloss prints are recommended for indoor shaded spaces, while matte prints are perfect for areas where glare is a concern.

In addition to prints, Chris and Lisa offer a wide range of options for displaying their photography, including fine art paper, cards, posters, and more. Custom orders are placed once a month, so be sure to plan ahead if you have a specific request. To add a touch of beauty and wonder to your home or office decor, consider purchasing one of Chris and Lisa's stunning prints.

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