Christopher Schloe

Hi! We're Chris and Lisa, traveling photographers capturing those micro-seconds in life of omg, gasping gorgeous moments of breathtaking beauty. Each print is one of those moments, as we captured a heart skipping view or one of those "omg this is gorgeous" moments. It's that raw passion and purpose in life we hope you enjoy and share with you.

We can also be found creating crazingness at @GHTCREATIVE | @GHTOVERLAND | @MOUNTAINCABINLIVING

NOTE: Most prints can be custom ordered to any creative size you may be looking for. The options we've pre selected, based on pixel size and composition, that you find available to order online, are what we feel to be the best for each individual photo. We recommend ordering "gloss prints" only for indoor shaded spaces, while "matte prints" are a great option for places you'd like to avoid glare. If you're looking for a print to place outdoors or in direct sunlight, please contact us for a custom order with UV Resistant inks.

Other Options - in addition to the above, most prints can be custom ordered on the following foundations: Fine Art Paper | Cards | Posters | Acrylic | Puzzles | Coaster | Slate | Maple Wood | Mugs | T-Shirts | Stickers | Ceramic Tile | Keepsake Box | Pillows

*We place all custom order requests once a month, these orders can take a bit of time to receive so kindly plan ahead :) email:

Thank You!

Chris Schloe | Lisa Schloe

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