Fleurette Estes

Chicago, IL

Fleurette Farley Estes is a San Antonio, Texas based Navajo artist and photographer. You will find her collections full of her black & white and color photography that depict her travels. Her pictures have a dramatic tone with wonderful contrast that make her subjects from the smallest details of flowers or animals to the landscape of fabulous destination spots, art for your decor.

In her collection, SAN ANTONIO, TX she has added one of the city’s most popular events, The Day of the Dead Festival shot in black & white with 13” x 19” Canvas and HD Metal prints that can be seasonal or year round decor. These are perfect gifts for the October season or may make an impressive addition to a Hispanic cultural center.

FLEURS/NATURE Collection also is predominately black & white images but capture the alluring curves of petals shot tight to capture the sensuous details of flowers then she draws her lens back and captures the scenes of Caddo Lake in Uncertain, Texas.

The images she captures on her journeys, like those in her WASHINGTON, D.C collection, are what makes travel photography appealing to anyone who has made the trip and has captured the less desirable picture on their cell phone. Now here are the artistically captures of to take you back and let you reminisce on your visit in its full charm.

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