Erika Tirado

Erika Tirado
San Antonio, TX

I love color, flowers, and the feminine form. Through my art I explore sensual energy and its many emotional and erotic layers. My appreciation for the feminine form started with self-portraiture work in my early 20s, it was a very personal process that lead to a lot of healing and self-love. I love how the human body can capture and express so much: the authenticity and the vulnerability in the "nakedness" can either make the viewer look away or want to explore their own feelings. Either way, you can't hide from yourself.

Traveling is essential to my artistic growth and process. I have been fortunate enough to travel to India, England, Mexico, and various states in the US, where I met other creatives and had opportunities to be involved in art projects and collaborations; one of my fondest ones took place in Taos, New Mexico where I painted a flower mural for an art gallery and took part in an art show by doing a live painting session on opening night of the show. Among these opportunities, I've also had the pleasure of having two solo shows in San Antonio, TX, one of them was at the Blue Star Arts Complex.

I've put together a collection of artworks that capture sensuality through color and the feminine form. I want to invite viewers to connect to their passion and feminine energy, and possibly move towards appreciating being vulnerable with their feelings. My goal is for my art to inspire viewers to embrace their sensual emotions, or in the very least, to invite a feminine touch to their space by purchasing a print.
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