Emily Carter Mitchell

Nature as Art
Pasadena, MD

Nature as Art presents a unique perspective of the American Landscape, drawing inspiration from the Hudson River Art School and late 1800's American Romanticism. Each print is crafted on archival Hahnemule Bamboo Eco paper, enhancing the warmth and texture of the image. Due to size limitations for best resolution, prints are available in 11 x 14 with a 1/2 inch border for framing enhancement.

Emily Carter Mitchell, an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland, captures the beauty of the natural world through her photography series, Nature as Art. Her images evoke a sense of serenity, blending stillness and ethereal qualities. Mitchell's work has been featured in juried art shows, local newspapers, magazines, books, and smart device apps.

With a background in Human Resources and the travel industry, Mitchell holds a Master’s Degree in Global Management. Her passion for photography began in her teenage years, using it as a way to connect with the world around her. She shares her love for nature and wildlife photography through classes offered in the Metro DC area for the past five years.

For those looking to bring a touch of the serene beauty of nature into their homes or offices, Mitchell's prints from the Nature as Art collection are the perfect choice. Enhance your space with these breathtaking images that capture the essence of the American landscape in a unique and artistic way.

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