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Deborah E. E York

Deborah's Art
Coeur d Alene, ID

Deborah York has been a mural artist for over two decades. Her skill and expertise has been sought out by many establishments, including Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, which she holds dear to her heart. York is an intuitive painter who relies heavily on her art to help her cope with life's struggles. Her paintings are influenced by life and the many emotions we all experience.

For some time now, York has been painting in watercolor, as she believes that it conveys the energy and flow she wants for her work. Watercolor paintings are also the closest resemblances of living things, making it the perfect medium for York's masterpieces.

York's art is extraordinary and her work has been praised by many. From homes and restaurants to hospitals and other establishments, her work is admired by many. With a passion for art and a love for life, York captures the many emotions we all feel.

Visit Deborah York's art gallery to purchase her beautiful artwork and add a touch of art to your home or office. Her prints make the perfect decoration to any space.

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