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Dawn Richerson

Dawn Richerson is an artist who captures the beauty, wonder, and mystery of nature in her photography. Her works start with an immersive experience in the outdoors, where she deepens her observation and exploration through sketches, writing, and photography. Drawing inspiration from the soul of place and the simple elegance of the natural world, she uses color, texture, and movement to convey sweeping stories of land, sea, and sky, and of our soul's journey through time.

Through her photos, Richerson seeks to capture glimpses of life, the ever-changing landscape, and what is alive inside. Her pieces are meant to touch your true nature and support you as you come fully to life and live in full expression.

Richerson currently lives and works near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, where she creates her unique pieces for home and office decor. If you're looking for a way to add beauty and life to your space, consider purchasing one of Dawn Richerson's original prints.

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