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Carol Shannon

For decades I traveled the world, living in wonderful places full of layers of saturated color, real and figurative. I lived in Key West in the 80s, in Monaco and the Middle East in the 70s.I had a son in Las Vegas, rehumidified in Seattle,and had years of adventures in historic Charleston.I regenerated in the hills of Tuscany and Istria, moved back to the South, and started to paint.

People paid me to paint, so I had a public studio, and then a gallery; I traveled all over the US for fine art events, and am well represented in corporate venues and public collections. I've won some great awards and been blessed to be featured in and on magazines, books, posters and billboards. My licensed images are sold globally.

I always work hard at what I do (born on the coast of Maine, after all), but my collectors make it the best job ever. I am gratified and humbled by your continued interest in my perspective!

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