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Anthony Robert Chaigneau

Anthony's Art
Scottsdale, AZ

Smith Chaigneau is a multi-faceted artist and photographer whose work is proudly displayed in homes around the world. A Welshman, currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Smith is a veteran of the British Royal Air Force, having served for fifteen years. His travels opened his eyes to the world, and gave him the inspiration to create a variety of art and photography, from traditional watercolor and acrylic to digital art and photography, including iphonography and cartooning.

In 2012, Smith earned the prestigious Silver Medal from the 'Academie Internationale de Merit et Devouement' for his contribution to the arts. Since then, he has held many exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

Smith Chaigneau's art and photography are unique, one-of-a-kind treasures that will bring a moment of joy and wonder to any home or office. To own a piece of his work is to capture a memory of the world and its beauty. Consider investing in a piece of Smith Chaigneau's art or photography today.

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