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Charity Fleites

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Anaheim, CA


IT/Network Admin/Sys. Support as a day to day job, consists of exposure to different forms of technology and security.

Currently I work with a team in Anaheim, CA providing support for Credit Card Processing. I am their technical consultant on projects involving installations and technical reviews.

Hobbies (aside from Traditional and Digital Paintings)

I am a cosplayer | gamer


Videogames: Sims 4! Taking a break from RDRII and Fallout 76 in the mean time.

Trivia: My real name is Charity. I am a fraternal twin and my last name is Portuguese which is pronounced Flay-Tiss

I got started painting when I was pretty young. I was raised up in Hawthorne, CA with my Grandmother and my twin sister.

While it was just the three of us, I was in doors most of the time since LA was pretty dangerous for a little girl to be alone.

Even though we lived in a gated community, we still experienced threats and violence in our city. Due to this, I've become much more enclosed these days and am enjoying my indoors activity. This gave me much more time to develop my artistic talents which I'm able to use to this day.

If you're curious about seeing my work, feel free to follow my instagrams.

Cosplay: Ann.Beaudoir

Art: CF.Paintings


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