Charles N. Bell

Charles N. Bell Jr. is a retired pharmacist and an avid amateur photographer. With over 55 years of experience behind him, he enjoys capturing the beauty of birds, beaches, and other bayou life, such as alligators and hummingbirds. His camera is his constant companion, and he tirelessly seeks out scenes and subjects to capture. He believes that creation is a gift to be both enjoyed and shared, and his photos are a testament to this.

Charles has been fortunate to receive the love, encouragement and advice of his wife, Judy, which has enabled him to capture these photos and make them available for purchase. Through his photos, he hopes to bring a little bit of peace and joy to those who purchase his prints and hang them in home and office.

If you appreciate the beauty of nature and are looking for a special piece of art to adorn your walls or desk, then take a look at Charles' photos. He will continue to add more and more to his collection over the coming years, so be sure to check back often.

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