Carolyn Schuster

For over 30 years, [Artist] has been a creative multitasker, combining multiple materials and techniques in their work. Growing up in Brooklyn, [Artist] studied Fashion Illustration and went on to attend the High School of Art and Design in NYC and the Traphagen School of Art in Gramacy Park. In addition to their art career, [Artist] is also a teacher, having obtained a degree in Special Education.

[Artist]'s studio, established in 2007, is a place of creative inspiration that draws upon the human form and an appreciation for color. Through their work, [Artist] strives to evoke emotion in viewers, and many of [Artist]'s customers report feeling attached to a particular piece. Themes of spirituality, reflection, and travel are common motifs.

For those interested in displaying [Artist]'s work in their home or office, [Artist] offers prints for sale. Add a unique and meaningful touch to your decor with [Artist]'s inspiring pieces.

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