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Carolyn Schuster

I work in what is called multimedia which means that I use many techniques and combinations of materials. My early education was in Fashion Illustration and I worked In that field professionately. I went to the High School of Art and Design((NYC) and continued at Traphagen School of Art located in Gramacy Park. Brooklyn NY was where I grew up and where I met my husband.(He lived across the street)After we were married for a few years we moved to Suffolk Long Island and bought a home. Eventually we had two sons. When my boys were in school full time I went back to get my degree to become a teacher. You probably think I became an Art teacher but in fact I went into Special Education. My creative thinking is out of the box so I could easily see how someone learns. I taught children with mild learning disabilities and I enjoyed my job very much. My dream at retirement was to paint and build a studio to work in which I accomplished in 2007. The human form and color are a great inspiration to me. There are themes that run in my art like a spiritual bent, or reflection from all our travel for 30 years. If I can evoke a feeling from the viewer of my art I have done my job. Many people who have bought my art say they have a special attachment to a piece. It reminds them of a moment in time, sometimes with another person or an animal that they had. Whatever attracts them makes me feel extremely happy to know they are getting pleasure out of something I created.

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