Carole L. Robb

Carole's Studio
hartford, WI

Carole's preferred mediums are Watercolor and Watercolor Batik, with a passion for color that shines through in her paintings. She has been honing her craft since the age of 10, utilizing multiple watercolor washes and wax layers to create a distinctive transparent look with rich textures. The element of surprise is key in Carole's process, as she never knows exactly how her art will turn out until she removes all the wax, always resulting in a happy revelation.

Described as a curious soul with a love for exploration, Carole immerses herself in various activities such as painting, hiking, running, playing music, and embarking on thrilling adventures like climbing Machu Picchu and learning to scuba dive in the Grand Caymans. Her days are filled with new ideas and the desire to capture everything through drawing and painting. Despite her numerous escapades, Carole's greatest adventure is keeping up with her energetic grandchildren.

Since 1984, Carole has been sharing her expertise by teaching art classes and showcasing her work at Art Shows across the Midwest, where she has garnered multiple awards. Her artwork can be found in private collections both in the US and abroad, a testament to the universal appeal of her unique creations. For those looking to add a touch of color and texture to their home or office decor, Carole's prints offer a vibrant and engaging option that is sure to captivate any viewer.

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