Carole L. Robb

Carole's Studio
hartford, WI

Carole's artwork is an expression of her passion for exploring the world. Her Watercolor and Watercolor Batik pieces are created by alternating many watercolor washes and wax layers, resulting in a unique, transparent look with rich textural interest. Carole has been painting since she was 10 and loves to surround herself with color. She never knows what the art will look like until she removes all the wax, which always results in a happy surprise.

Carole has been teaching art classes since 1984, and exhibiting her work at Art Shows throughout the Midwest. Her artwork has been featured in numerous collections in the US and abroad, and she has won several awards.

An avid traveler, Carole loves to hike, run, play, snowshoe, do yoga, read, play music, and explore the world. Her greatest adventure is keeping up with her grandchildren.

Carole's artwork brings the beauty of the world to any home or office. Each piece captures her delight in exploration, and the vibrant colors of her subject matter. Browse her collections and add a bit of color to your life today.

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