Jonathan Evans

Carbon Based Design
Wilmington, OH

Jon Evans is an artist, photographer, and musician born in Ohio. He earned his B.A. in Art Education from Wilmington College, where he also pursued masters coursework. After a brief stint in historic artistic restoration, he taught art in public and charter schools for 14 years. Now, he pursues various artistic projects on a full-time basis, while still tutoring.

Evans' specialty is conté crayon on paper, and he creates a unique visual world through his work. He captures faces, industrial objects, and nature/landscapes, finding different kinds of beauty in each of his pieces. He has exhibited at the Phyllis Weston Gallery, the Pop Up Gallery, The Dairy Barn, and Wilmington College.

Currently, he is based in Mexico City and is available for commissions. His works are ideal for home and office decor, enabling viewers to appreciate the beauty of his art and photography. Purchase a piece of Jon Evans' artwork for your home or office today.

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