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Melissa Shepard

Melissa would like to welcome you personally to her gallery and vision.

Melissa is a Fine Artist with emphasis in Water Color and Photography. Melissa worked for 2.5 decades in the technical industry but now Melissa's current career is a combination of selling real Gems and Minerals, home schooling, while creating this beautiful gallery to sell a combination of photographic inspiration and beauty to collectors.

As a gem and mineral dealer, Melissa often thinks how nice it would be to sell a stone with its print to a buyer that loves it. Some of the prints are amazing blown up and Geo Galleries gives it just the right touch of seeing it in a space too.

Please browse the BuzzWaxx gallery and reach out to Melissa if you are interested in purchasing the stone along with your print. Some stones are sold but many are still available.

You can reach Melissa on Instagram and facebook @buzzwaxx :)

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