Bruce Katlin

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Arroyo Seco, NM

Bruce Katlin is a unique artist who seamlessly combines his love for intense physical activity with various art mediums to lead a fulfilling life. Finding solace in the great outdoors, he considers it his 'church' where the flora and fauna act as his choir. Bruce’s passion for painting is evident as he seamlessly blends trail running and hiking while creating art in the picturesque landscape of New Mexico. This harmonious combination of activities allows him to reach a state of unparalleled nirvana, where pragmatic thinking effortlessly flows with intuition.

For several years, Bruce has been delving into the effects of high altitude exercise on creativity and divergent thinking. By communicating with research labs both nationally and internationally, he has compiled their findings along with his own observations. Utilizing heavy layers of oil paint in the alla prima style, his paintings exude a stained glass effect that is truly captivating. Despite being self-taught, Bruce is a dedicated lifelong learner always seeking to improve his craft.

In addition to his passion for painting, Bruce is also a talented writer who has published his first novel, Birds Like Us, The Pi Phillecroix Story. The novel follows the journey of a flightless pigeon from a famous family of French fliers as she walks from Paris to the UK to save her father's life. With aspirations to turn the story into an animated film, Bruce's creativity knows no bounds. For those looking to add a touch of artistic flair to their home or office decor, consider purchasing prints of Bruce Katlin's striking artwork.

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