Bruce Katlin

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Arroyo Seco, NM

Bruce Katlin has crafted a unique lifestyle that allows him to combine his love and passion for intense activity and various art mediums. He has found that the great outdoors serves as his 'church', allowing him to draw inspiration from the flora and fauna of the beautiful landscapes of New Mexico. Bruce combines his trail running and painting activities to create a transcendent state, where he can access both his pragmatic thinking and intuitiveness. To delve deeper into this connection, Bruce has researched the effects of high altitude exercise and its linkage to creativity and divergent thinking, collaborating with research labs both nationally and internationally.

The medium he primarily works with is oil paints, in the alla prima (wet-on-wet) style, creating a stained glass effect in his work. Self-taught and a life-long learner, Bruce has also published his first novel Birds Like Us, The Pi Phillecroix Story. He is now turning the story into an animated film.

For those looking to incorporate Bruce Katlin's artwork into their home or office decor, his prints are available for purchase. With his unique and inspiring approach to painting, these prints will provide lasting beauty and artistry to any space.

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