Jamie Thomson

Jamie (Jay) Thomson is a multi-talented artist based in the metro Detroit area. Growing up in rural Ohio, she was exposed to different places and art communities that have heavily influenced the art she creates today. Jamie attended Ohio Northern University, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Art in 1997. She then went on to get her Doctorate in Psychology, practicing for about 8 years before retiring from psychology in 2011. Following this, Jamie pursued a degree in Digital Design, which reflects the pull that art and design had throughout her time as a therapist and her desire to find a balance between her areas of interest and skill.

Jamie paints abstract acrylic paintings with fluid acrylics that have a flow and effect similar to watercolor and softer media. This medium provides her with immediate visual feedback and the ability to make course corrections, while also offering vibrant colors and depth. She examines her personal struggles with a need for structure and the conflicting urge for spontaneity and freedom in her work. Geometric shapes stand in contrast with more organic shapes and sweeping strokes, reflecting this push and pull.

Themes of relationships, balance, and weathering life's ups and downs are prevalent in Jamie's art. With her experience of having ADHD, Jamie is able to draw upon her own struggles to create art that speaks to others in similar situations. Her work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, including Celebrating 120 Years of Art in Detroit, Students of Kim Fay, and many more.

Jamie's art is an exploration of her life experiences and an attempt to bridge the gap between structure and freedom. Her pieces provide insight into her journey to find balance and offer comfort to those who can relate to her struggle.

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