Jamie Thomson

Jamie (Jay) Thomson is a metro Detroit based painter, brand designer, and retired psychologist. With a background of growing up in rural Ohio and living in Virginia, Missouri, Florida, and Australia, the exposure to different places and art communities has heavily influenced her art.

Jamie minored in art at Ohio Northern University where she earned a BA in 1997. She went on to receive her doctorate in psychology and practiced for 8 years before retiring in 2011. After retiring, she earned an AA in Digital Design, a rather unconventional return to art and design.

Jamie works with abstract acrylic paintings. She enjoys the ease of exploration and experimentation they provide. With their flow and effects similar to watercolor and softer media, fluid acrylics offer vibrant colors and depth. In her art, she explores her relationships with others and her relationship with herself and her own mind, often depicting the balancing of structure and spontaneity.

Themes of seeking balance and weathering life's ups and downs are prevalent in her work. Jamie's art reflects the pull art and design had during her time as a therapist and her overall struggle with finding balance in the multiple areas of interest and skill in her life. Her art has been featured in multiple group exhibitions and she is a contributing artist and co-chair for the Lawrence Street Gallery's call for art gallery shows.

Jamie Thomson's art is available for purchase for home and office decor.

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