Brian Duchin Photography

Brian Duchin

Brian Duchin is a Texas photographer who was fascinated by photography in his childhood. At age 10, his cousin showed Brian how to photograph and develop a roll of black and white film from a Kodak Brownie camera. Brian fondly remembers the magic in seeing a picture shimmer to life after it was submerged in the developing chemicals. He was spellbound and decided to pursue photography. In high school Brian was a photo journalist for the school newspaper and yearbook.

Brian's photography journey and education continued in college with courses in black and white film photography. Working with color and black and white film enabled Brian to transition easily to digital photography. Brian says digital photography allows him to express his creative vision with tools that were not available with film.

His photography interest include Aviation, Landscapes and Flowers. Brian's wife is an avid gardener which gives him unlimited subjects to photograph.

Through the lens of his camera Brian is able to capture captivating moments that he hopes you will enjoy everyday in your home or office.


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