Brett R. Winn

Brett Winn Art
West Point, VA

Brett Winn is a Contemporary Artist living in beautiful coastal Virginia with his wife and children. His work is heavily influenced by the great impressionists, and his paintings often depict the world around us, how we live and interact within it. Wildlife and flowers in and around his home are frequent subjects for Brett's paintings.

When the weather permits, Brett enjoys painting outdoors. But when it doesn't, his camera goes with him, taking thousands of photos each year to use as reference back in the studio. Brett's work has garnered international attention and he is humbled by the fact that people choose to display his pieces in their home.

Brett Winn's beautiful artwork is available in prints, perfect for home and office decor. His work captures the spirit of the world around us, and those who purchase and display his art are sure to find joy in it.

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