Blue Ridge Brushstrokes, Watercolor by Sonya
Traditional Artist

Sonya Suttle

Blue Ridge Brushstrokes
Morganton, NC

Hi! My name is Sonya Suttle. In the fall 2020, I saw a FB ad advertising watercolors. We were in the middle of a pandemic and for some reason I thought I had time to try it. I had ALWAYS wanted to paint and had often looked at others work with envy. I just had no idea I could put brush to paper and actually to it! I picked up those first brushes and rapidly discovered my taste (and maybe talent) for it, I still have days where I doubt my ability. But my audience has been awesome and some of you out there swear you like it! So, for now I just keep painting, keep trying to my develop my talent, and try to keep my art original and fresh. I hope you enjoy it because I sure enjoy painting it! I just can’t believe most days I am doing it!

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