Chris T. Lipat

Dr. Chris Lipat
Hagatna, GM

Dr. Chris Lipat, chiropractor and reiki master, is a NJ-born Tagalog/Ilokana Baybayin block print artist that has lived in Oʻahu for 12 years. Dr. Lipat now lives in Guåhan/Guam. With the power of Baybayin, pre-colonial Tagalog script, Dr. Lipat created pieces that reflect the profound healing interaction that occurs as Filipinx islander people interact with, are inspired by, honor, and become part of the land and peoples of Hawaiʻi. These Baybayin block print reproductions, full of symbology, color and meaning, bring peace, balance, and wholeness to those it touches. Dr. Lipat is also the author of KNOWING: The Intuitive's Guide to Transformative Healing. Dr. Lipat creates tools for enlightening living, and teaches White Light and Karuna Reiki® to empower people to take healing into their own hands. Dr. Lipat also developed Bituin Elixirs: a set of divinely inspired chakra flower essence and gem elixir blends to accelerate our spiritual evolution. Based in the Pacific for over 12 years, Dr. Lipat is inspired by the magical intersection and practice of indigenous ways of knowing with quantum understandings of the universe.

Dr. Lipat's photos and prints are the perfect addition to any home or office decor. With their unique connection to land and peoples of Hawai?i, these prints will bring peace and balance to your environment. Purchase one of Dr. Lipat's prints today to bring the power of Baybayin to your home.

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