Bruce Strickland Art
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Bruce Strickland

Bruce Strickland is a mostly self-taught oil painter inspired by a handful of influencers, most notably world renowned artist Donny Finley. Bruce grew up in the small town of Talladega, Alabama at the foothills of the Appalachians. where he still lives today. Although all of his original childhood and early adulthood work was given away or sold, the one thing he did hold onto was the love of painting. Fascinated and inspired by light, he has returned to his first love to show his inspiration through oil painting. His main focus is cats and dogs in unique compositions. Bruce chooses to use rescued cats and dogs in his paintings. He wants his paintings to have the character of a real animal and he can think of no better way than making these special ones the stars of his work. ​Bruce and his wife, Maria, have rescued dozens of cats over the years and are avid supporters of spay/neuter programs as well as shelter adoptions. Most of Bruce's artwork star rescued cats or dogs, either from their home or others. Bruce includes the animal's story in each description of his paintings.A portion of his sales are donated to various animal shelters and rescues listed on his website.
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