Barby Eller Schacher

Barby Eller Schacher is a talented pastel artist specializing in Western Art, Equestrian Art, and Wildlife Art. Her inspiration stems from her upbringing on a small cattle ranch and her current residence in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, surrounded by stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Growing up on a ranch overlooking the Clearwater River Valley in Kamiah, Idaho, horses played a significant role in her childhood, sparking her passion for equine art.

When she wasn't riding horses, Barby could often be found sketching them or dreaming about them during school classes, much to the disapproval of her teachers. The multi-purpose ranch horses her family raised were integral to their daily life, used for herding cattle, hunting in the mountains, fishing in lakes, and competing in local rodeos and gymkhanas. The rugged beauty of the mountainous region and the diverse wildlife further fueled Barby's love for drawing.

Despite having no formal training, Barby developed her unique artistic style through trial and error and by studying the techniques of other artists she admires. She enjoys using pastel pencils to create detailed and realistic Western-themed artwork, drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences on the ranch. Her passion for nature, wildlife, and horses shines through in her artwork, aiming to resonate with viewers who share her appreciation for Western art and wildlife.

As a member of prestigious art organizations such as WAOW, AWA, and WARA, Barby Eller Schacher's original pastel paintings and graphite pencil drawings are highly sought after by art enthusiasts. For those interested in adding a touch of Western charm to their home or office decor, inquiries about purchasing prints can be made by contacting Barb via email at

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