Barbara M. Gilhooly

Barbara Gilhooly

Barbara Gilhooly has a multi-discipline approach to her art making. Her work spans charcoal drawings, painting, wire sculpture, and sculptural art objects. Her work is rooted in line and drawing and includes abstract pieces with a fondness for circular shapes. This form reflects the harmony between the organic and geometric forms and serves as a contrast to the industrial and natural worlds.

Gilhooly begins her painted pieces by building up many layers of painted color and pattern. In between painting, she draws with ink or works back into the surface by carving, sanding, and scrubbing the paint to reveal the texture underneath. The result is a surface showing a rich and active history.

She earned her MFA in printmaking and sculpture at Colorado State University and her BFA at the University of North Dakota. Since then, she has established an active exhibition schedule in Colorado, with her artwork being featured in several galleries.

Her work captures the beauty of living and working in Colorado, from the flora and fauna to the contrasts between the industrial and natural worlds. To bring a piece of this beauty into your home or office, purchase one of Gilhooly's prints today.

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