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Art Ray Mann

Calais, VT

The Art Ray Mann Printmaking Partnership is a collaboration between Steve Gallagher and Arthur Raymond Mann. Born in Montpelier, Vermont in 1958, the two are twin cousins from different mothers. After decades of going their separate ways, they re-connected in early 2020 to launch this gallery project.

Steve Gallagher enjoys frequent hikes and photography, mostly in Canada, Vermont, Florida, Arizona, and Mexico. A. Ray is the master of digital editing. With his touch, photos are transformed into breathtaking art pieces perfect for giclee prints on archival papers.

The Art Ray Mann Printmaking Partnership offers two sizes of prints on either Archival Matte paper, Hemp paper, or Watercolor paper. Additionally, custom orders are available on other types of paper, canvas, and even with framing. Prices for custom orders may be requested by contacting the gallery.

For home and office decor, the Art Ray Mann Printmaking Partnership has perfect pieces to suit any style. With a variety of sizes and papers available, these prints make any room warm and inviting. Shop now and find the perfect print for your space.

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