Art Ray Mann

Calais, VT

The Art Ray Mann Printmaking Partnership is a collaboration between Steve Gallagher and Arthur Raymond Mann, both hailing from Montpelier, Vermont and born in 1958. Despite being twin cousins from different mothers, their paths diverged for many years before they reunited in early 2020 to embark on this exciting gallery project.

Steve has a passion for hiking and photography, capturing moments in Canada, Vermont, Florida, Arizona, and Mexico on a daily basis. A. Ray is a digital editing maestro, utilizing his skills to transform these photos into stunning artistic creations that are ideal for giclee prints on archival papers.

Their collection features a variety of images available in two sizes, printed on either Archival Matte paper or Hemp paper, with some also offered on Watercolor paper. For those seeking different options such as canvas prints or custom framing, the partnership is happy to accommodate such requests. Interested buyers can reach out for availability and pricing on personalized orders.

Elevate your home or office decor with prints from the Art Ray Mann Printmaking Partnership. Immerse yourself in the beauty of their photography and add a touch of artistry to your space. Contact them today to inquire about purchasing these unique and captivating prints.

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