Jules - Artist

San Antonio, TX

Jules has spent many years in the art world, wearing many hats as a print textile designer, illustrator, compositor, director, and freelancer. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jules has decided to branch out and create their own collections. They combine traditional art techniques with digital work, drawing inspiration from natural elements and the world around them.

This year will be an exciting one as Jules launches their online shop, offering their design collection based on a love of the ocean on home decor products. Their illustrations and photographs are also available on wall art, including printed canvas, metal prints, and fine art prints.

Jules has also dedicated time to teaching art classes at all grade levels from elementary to college, and is working on developing online art courses as well.

Looking for beautiful photography and art to decorate your home or office? Look no further than Jules' collections! Their artwork is sure to make a statement and bring life to any space.

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