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Chris R. Hattery

I believe YAHUAH has entrusted His people to carry forward a message of atonement and covenant to His people, and for those seeking the Truth of rightwisenss. Through His divine Spirit, I am blessed to be a mere vessel of His love and His Kingdom. To me, I am nothing without the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in my life. My family, both my Personal Family and Kingdom Family, are second next to the covenant relationship with YAHUAH.

I love to operate in the Spirit's ministry, and I love to create photos, or photos overlays, that promote the Love of God and His Kingdom. The time of rightwisenss, of which, is His Truth and His Wisdom, unequivocally is needed for advancing His Kingdom. My prayer is that God's people, willingly and cheerfully, sow into His Kingdom, and can do so, through the visions of Kingdom-art.

I invite you to join me in Spirit, and in Truth, as we worship The Almighty as one. Together in this divine assignment to make known the Good News to all nations. I will gladly send you the digital copies of the books I have written for His Glory, led by The Spirit of Truth. For those who see and hear, they are my family and we are Kingdom Citizens not of this world.

It is my heart's desire that God's people would purchase my prints for home and office decor, to help expand His Kingdom. By doing so, you are faithfully sowing into the soil of His Word and His Spirit. I am confident that this will bring forth the harvest of His promises.

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