Chris R. Hattery

I am nothing without the grace and mercy of YAHUAH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To my Personal and Kingdom Family, I owe my existence and the fabric of my life. I am called to operate in the Spirit's ministry and am passionate about planting seeds to expand God's Kingdom. My prayer is for individuals to sow financial seeds in obedience to His Spirit and His Word, so that His Kingdom may flourish.

The internet has provided a platform for a Global ministry, with the purpose of glorifying His Son and providing solace to those in need. As a vessel, I am privileged to serve in this mission, and I do so through writing, digital art overlays, and speaking engagements. I believe that a message of love and atonement, coupled with the wisdom of His Truth, is of utmost importance in advancing His Kingdom.

I invite all who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness to join me in worship of The Almighty. It is my wish to share the Good News with all nations, and I offer free digital copies of the books I have written to those who cannot purchase them. To receive a free 4-part series entitled The Radiant Portrait of His Covering, email me at

For those who wish to bring the beauty of His Kingdom into their home or office, I invite you to purchase my prints in order to bring the Spirit of God into your space.

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