Amy Lucid

Amy Lucid Photography
Noblesville, IN

Amy attended John Herron School of Art for Photography classes starting out with a manual camera and then advancing to a digital camera many years later.

She has been published in Charleston Magazine and won two Honorable Mentions by the Hoosier Salon in last years Hamilton County Artists Association "All Our Best" competition.

With the new digital age I become very excited about being able to edit photographs digitally to replicate more how my eye sees a still life subject, or landscape. While I am still learning all the new creative options available and am excited to bring more creativity to my photographs, most of my photography involves very little image manipulation.

My goal is for people to see nature from a perspective in a way they may have not looked at it before, while feeling like they are actually standing in the place where I took the photograph. Usually my goal is to try to expose as much detail and textures in a scene so that one has an intimate experience with the subject and experience nature and life in all of its beauty.

Amy's favorite photography interests are nature in all its forms, beach and coastal landscapes, rustic settings, macro floral photography, early nineteenth century architecture and simple still life.

Each of my photos brings back a special memory to me, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. While I've pre-selected some popular print products for my work, I am happy to offer other print dimensions, print papers, and prints products or images seen on my Instagram or Facebook sites to meet your specific interests or display objectives.

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