Alex G. Platt

Born and raised in Utah, Alex G Platt discovered his passion for drawing at a young age. He was recognized with the Art Sterling Scholar Award during his time in High School, leading him to pursue Graphic Design and Illustration at Salt Lake Community College. It was there that he found his true joy in painting portraits, a medium he continues to excel in today. His Instagram pages showcase a diverse array of commission, community, and personal projects, with a current focus on digital painting and design for commissioned work.

Drawing inspiration from artists like James Gurney and Marc Dalessio, Alex has honed his craft and developed a unique style that blends accuracy with a painterly touch. He credits mentors such as Rob Adamson, Tom Howard, and Lester Lee for guiding him on his artistic journey. Together with his wife, Alex ventured into freelancing as an artist and designer in 2019, specializing in commissioned oil paintings of people and pets. However, as the pandemic presented challenges, he discovered the versatility of his digital paintings as high-quality prints, offering a cost-effective solution for clients.

Now primarily working digitally using ProCreate and Rebelle, Alex accepts commissions for a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to family portraits to mascot illustrations. His pieces are known for their expressive nature and attention to detail, creating artwork that resonates with viewers. With a mantra of "Let the paint be paint," Alex's work strikes a balance between realism and artistic interpretation. Visit Geogalleries to explore a selection of his favorite digital and traditional pieces, perfect for enhancing any home or office space.

For those looking to add a touch of creativity to their living or workspace, consider purchasing prints of Alex G Platt's artwork. With a blend of digital and traditional pieces that are both captivating and versatile, his artwork is sure to elevate any environment.

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