ArB Digital Arts
Digital Artist

Andre R. Bregegere

Creating art has always been an important part of my life. My main training and professional career is as a musician (composer and educator). A few years ago, I picked up an interest in intermedia art, combining music and visuals. From there, I started to be increasingly interested in the visual aspect, and particularly the medium of generative art.

All my artworks are designed through programming, using a Java-based environment (Processing, I start by creating objects (arrays of points, lines, shapes, particles) endowed with specific behaviors. I then create an environment for these objects to grow and interact. From there there is a long period of trial and error, adjusting and tweaking parameters until the image looks just right. I then capture the image, and, after some light post-processing (mostly for color balance, brightness, and contrast), I can finally produce the artworks that you see in my gallery.
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